August 23, 2009

Organic HDR.

I like to make pictures of my mall. I have time to watch sun set, and plenty of time to see what is happening around.

Friday we had short thunderstorm, however clouds on the sky were so scary. They were dark and were really low, almost touching ground.

Because I try to always carry camera with me, I shoot few pictures of abandon restaurant. Everything was so dark outside that I was considered of putting my D40 in backpack with my other stuff, when over sudden few rays of sun found way thru clouds and light up that building. Light was lasting for about a minute, but I was lucky enough to do few pictures. For me this is best "ORGANIC" HDR ever.

Later on I witness a magical sunset.

Abandon restaurant.

Abandon restaurant.

Abandon restaurant.

It is the same pictures as above, exept fact that I add some perspective control in PhotoshopCS4

This is example of scen without magic light, that makes subject stand out from background.

Saturday sunset.

Fence and sunset.

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